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Welcome to our FAQs section. Next, we are trying to answer to your frequently asked questions. If there is no answer to your question(s) in the rows below, please read carefully our Terms of Use. In order to book one of Hoia-Baciu Project Tours, you must agree and understand the Terms of Use. If you need clarifications or you do not understand certain terms, please send us a message.


Thank you! :-)



Hoia-Baciu Project Team

Q1: Do I/we have to pay a booking fee?

In certain cases, depending on your inquiry variables, Hoia-Baciu Project Team may ask you to pay a symbolic booking fee in advance.

Q2: Do I have to pay the booking fee extra?

No. The booking fees shown are included in the final price.

Q3: Do I have to pay the booking fee separately for every participant?

No. The booking fee is paid once for every booking, nor for every participant.

Q4: The price shown in the online shop at each photo tour is the final price?

Yes. Of course, if you enjoy the tour you can make donations or offer tips :-) 

Q5: When will I pay the total amount of money for the photo tour?

At the begining of the photo tour.

Q6: If I already paid the booking fee but I want to cancel the tour, what will happen?

Because certain activities and/or products have to be prepared before the photo tour (which require expenses), the booking fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the photo tour. If you want to book a new tour you have to pay again the booking fee.

Q7: If I already paid the booking fee and RYLEx NGO will cancel the tour, what will happen?

You will get back the booking fee as soon as possible.

Q8: What happens if our group is larger than 5?

To book a tour for groups larger than 5 participants, you must write us a message or send us an e-mail ( In case you don't have our written accord, RYLEx NGO may cancel the photo tour and you will loose the booking fee already paid. 

Q9: Will I/we get a paranormal experience in Hoia-Baciu Forest?

Hoia-Baciu Forest got famous due to the weird and paranormal phenomena hosted among time. Though, Hoia-Baciu Project tours are genuine and RYLEx NGO can't promise you that you will experience paranormal activity during the tours. 

Q10: If I will order a T-Shirt or a gift voucher, when and where will you deliver it?

The products will be delivered ONLY in Cluj-Napoca, at the begining of the photo tour, or at the address indicated by you, in maximum 2 working days.

Q11: Do you cover any expenses in case of events such as losting a luggage, broking arms/legs, animal bites, other unwanted events or paranormal activities which may harm mentally?

RYLEx NGO is not responsible for such events. Any walk through the forest, by day or by night, might be dangerous. You understand and assume all the risks associated and also accept the Terms of Use.

Q12: What kind of clothes do I have to wear during the tour?

During the tour, the weather might change suddenly and you must feel confortable. We recommend you to wear confortable clothes and a pear of boots might be required in certain weather conditions (such as the days after the rain and rainy or snowy days).

Q13: The tour will take place in case of rain/snow?

In case of bad weather conditions, you must contact Hoia-Baciu Project Team to confirm, reschedule or cancel the tour (at least 2 hours before the tour, else, Hoia-Baciu Project Team reserves the right to cancel the tour without any compensation). 

Q14: What will happen with the pictures taken by Hoia-Baciu Project Team during the photo tours?

Hoia-Baciu Project Team reserves the right to use all the pictures taken during the photo tours, even without the verbal or written consent of the subjects, in commercial or promotional purposes. Also, the best photos will be published on Hoia-Baciu Project's Facebook Page. 

Q15: In case I want to take certain photos during the photo tour and my photo equipment is not suitable, can I use RYLEx NGO photo equipment?

Yes, as long as Hoia-Baciu Project Team can't take the photos you want. 

Q16: What should I/we do in case I/we didn't find the answer to my/our question(s) here?

You should read the Terms of Use page or send us a message. 

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