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What do we need?



We are the "hi-tech generation" so most of our projects will use the online environment. Because of that, we first need a web programmer. Then, we want to be good-looking so we need a designer to prepare all our materials.


Administrative system is pretty difficult in Romania, beside the laws, so a legal adviser would be welcomed in our team. Information is the mother of success so we are open to all fields and also to all passioned people who want to build and grow their career with our team.


Hoia-Baciu Project means a lot of activities meant to promote Hoia-Baciu Forest among the local community and also Cluj-Napoca visitors. Besides, many other events and activities involve this project. 


RYLEx President, Tour Guide

I like challenges and I use to see things differently, that's why I like to design & develop niche tourist products and travel destinations, one of my core roles in the Hoia-Baciu Project :-)



- tourism product design & development

- tourism/destination development & promotion

- tourist information

- travel consultancy

- marketing in tourism

- environment


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Project Manager, Tour Guide

I am fascinated by the surrounding world since ever. I managed to graduate physics and psychology, up until I found my true passion: to be a storyteller :-)



- Psychology

- Physics

- Storytelling

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